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Real McCoy Fishing

Real McCoy Whiting Rig

Real McCoy Whiting Rig

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Introducing our versatile Whiting Rig - a must-have for anglers seeking multi-species action!

This double hook rig is designed for versatility and effectiveness. It features two Size 4# long shank hooks, perfect for enticing a variety of species. Whether you're after whiting, bait fish or even pinky snapper. We have even caught kingfish with these rigs.

The standout feature of this rig is its vibrant yellow feathers, which mimic natural prey and attract curious fish with their lifelike movement. The 20lb mono leader provides both strength and flexibility, ensuring you have the control needed to reel in your catch.

Whether you're casting from the shore or out at sea, our Whiting Rig is your go-to choice. It's the ultimate tool for maximizing your chances of a successful day on the water, no matter what species you're pursuing. Elevate your angling game and increase your catch rate with the Real McCoy Whiting Rig!


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