Collection: Tackle

Real McCoy Fishing is pleased to launch its own Tackle Range.

Using these rigs for years we struggled to find quality gear on the market that suited our fishing style.

Years of making these rigs up on the beach, we now can showcase to you what we know works and launch a range that is proven and will catch quality fish.

So if your planning on heading away camping, fishing or traveling up the coast.

Feel free to get in contact and chat about what fish you are targeting, what rigs you need and any other pointers to get you fishing and successfully.

Surf Rigs

Try our Blue / Green Surf Popper Rigs.
Add a star sinker and full pilchard bait on the gangs when targeting Salmon / Tailor in the surf.

The vibrant surf popper colours will attract a variety of feeding fish.

Maybe you will even get a double header.

Whiting Rigs

These dynamic Whiting Rigs are perfect for targeting a variety of species. The Yellow feathers and long shank hook will entice quality fish.

Best baits to use with these rigs are squid strips or pipi.

Pinky Snapper, Whiting, Flathead and a variety of reef fish can all be caught on these rigs.

Take a look at our Tackle in Action: