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Aussie Disposals is your one stop shop for all things camping. No Matter what you are looking for Aussie Disposals has what you need.
From Tents & Swags to Packs and Bags, come and see our extensive range of Camping, Clothing, Workwear, Footwear, Travel, Fishing and Hunting gear. 

Aussie Disposals range includes:

Tents Dome tents, family tents, rooftop tents, ensuite tents, canvas tents, sun shelters & gazebos, and tent accessories to keep you sheltered from the elements and give you a place to sleep comfortably at night.

  • Swags – Single swags, double swags, free standing swags and accessories that are made from heavy duty waterproof materials which can withstand the elements.

  • Sleeping  Sleeping bags, stretchers, sleeping mats, and accessories that are comfortable and will ensure you’ll wake up the next day feeling fresh.

  • Furniture  Chairs, tables, cupboards and heaters that are designed with both functionality and durability in mind, making camping trips more comfortable and convenient.

  • Cooking – Stoves, cookware, kettles, dinnerware, gas adaptors, fuel and cylinders and more to ensure you and others are well fed.

  • Fishing Rods, nets, tackle, tackle kits, and fish cooking. Some stores even sell bait.

  • Toilets & Showers Toilets, showers and cleaning accessories so that you can freshen up and do your business in private without feeling uncivilised.

  • Lighting – Lanterns, area lights, head torches, hand held torches and accessories to help you see in the dark and reduce the risk of injuring yourself or getting lost.

  • Backpacks & Bags Day packs, travel packs, waterproof bags, duffle bags, canvas bags and rolling luggage that can fit various camping gear and is designed for the rugged outdoors.

  • Camping Equipment also includes fridges and coolers to preserve food and keep drinks refreshingly cold, 4WD gear such as awnings and various accessories, maps and compasses to help you with directions, and first aid supplies in case of any accidents. In addition, we can supply you with different hardware for various applications.
    Check our the full range at Aussie Disposals: https://www.aussiedisposals.com.au/

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